Custom Mushroom House Payment
Custom Mushroom House Payment
Custom Mushroom House Payment
Nimasprout - Art by Nicole Gustafsson

Custom Mushroom House Payment

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  • The houses will have little windows, doors, lanterns and other details at the artists discretion.
  • 4 inch circle-shaped paper coaster
  • Medium: Airbrush and acryla gouache on 4inch paper coaster.
  • $135 each (plus tax as applicable)
  • United States - Free Shipping
  • Canada +$16.50 shipping
  • UK, EU, Australia + $20.00 shipping
Nicole will make a painting for you based on selections you make from the questions below. You will NOT get a sketch beforehand and Nicole is not taking any special requests outside of what is listed in this form. This is intended to be a unique project for customers who like surprises and joy in what seeing the artist comes up with from the prompts. 

You will receive a photo of your painting when completed and shipping notification with tracking when your item ships. Painting will take approximately 4 weeks to complete. USPS first class shipping is 3-5 days typically (within the US), international orders may take 1 - 3 weeks to arrive based on country.
All Sales are FINAL.
Now accepting international orders for UK, EU, AU orders (if you have issues checking out or would like me to add a region please contact me).
PLEASE remember that any/all duties for your specific country may be due at time of delivery and are solely the buyers responsibility.